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We're adding new varieties for 2023!

Look out for some of the exciting new varieties listed below that we are adding into our range for 2023.

1 Litre:

Dianthus Pink Celebration

Nepeta Kitten Around

3 Litre

Agastache Morello

Aquilegia Earlybird Purple Blue

Aquilegia Earlybird Red Yellow

Buddleia Butterfly Candy Little Lila

Buddleia Butterfly Candy Little Pink

Buddleia Butterfly Candy Little Ruby

Coreopsis Uptick Red

Corydalis Blue Heron

Dahlia Lubega Tropical Punch

Dahlia Lubega White Lilac Frost

Delphinium Red Lark

Digitalis Illumination Apricot

Digitalis Illumination Flame

Digitalis Illumination Purple

Erysimum Bowles Me Away

Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Sparkle

Heuchera Carnival Burgundy Blast

Heuchera Carnival Cocomint

Hollyhock Chaters Salmon Pink

Hollyhock Chaters Scarlet

Hollyhock Chaters Yellow

Leucanthemum Goldfinch

Papaver Brilliant

Papaver Checkers

Papaver Victoria Louise

Perovskia Bluesette

Rudbeckia Summerdaisy’s Orange Bicolour

Salvia Peach Cobbler

Silene Clifford Moor

Solidago Little Lemon

Verbascum Banana Custard

Verbena Santos Purple

Delphinium 'Red Lark' featured below:

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