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Chapel Cottage Plants make the move to peat-free for the 2024 season.

The company is pleased to have made the move into 100% peat-free mixes for the 2024 season.

After 3 years of trialing various different mixes and suppliers, we are pleased to have potted over 75% of our autumn/winter production into the new peat-free mix, with all future potting now being totally peat-free. Understandably, it will take a period of time for all peat-based product to leave the nursery. There are some long term crops that were potted last summer into a peat reduced mix which will leave the nursery this spring.

As well as moving all finished product and potting compost over to the new peat-free mix, we are also pleased to have now been peat-free in all cutting raised plugs for over 1 year. The final task for us is to find a reliable and effective peat-free seeding compost.

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