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Our webshop is quick and simple to use. Updated daily, our new system allows customers to place and track their orders without the need for unnecessary paperwork.

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Your own personal portal. Your own webshop portal is linked to our ERP software which means you can access your account without the need to contact us. Access all of your previous orders and invoices from one screen.

Safe and Secure. Our webshop is safe and only accessible by password. No 2 passwords are the same and you can change yours at any time. 

Access levels. The webshop allows us to create either management or staff levels of access. Management allows you to view and create orders, accounts, invoices and contact details. Staff level means your member of staff can only create and edit orders with no access to your companies personal data.

Create orders anywhere. Our ordering system is compatible with all devices so you can place orders from a desk or out in the plant area on a tablet or phone. No need to email, scan, fax or phone orders through to our office any more.

Create orders, place them later. With the ability to now make draft orders, you can use our system to create an order and save it. This works great for taking customer orders in the week and then top them up with garden centre stock at the weekend. 

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Pictures. All of our stock is listed with pictures. Far superior to an excel document or paper list, our webshop layout helps aid novice plantsmen and jogs the memory of the most experienced team leaders.

Trolley Builders. At the bottom of the page is a handy trolley builder that allows you to fill your trolleys and get the most out of each order. We incorporated this to streamline the delivery process as a lot of time is wasted at the garden centre if customers do not know how many trollies the delivery will be arriving on. From our office, we can add in CC shelves, posts and extensions to all paperwork making everything traceable.

Filter your searches. We understand trawling through a list of 400+ varieties every week isn't always convenient so we've designed our filters to refine your searches and make the process much simpler.

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Need help logging in? Call our office or email

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