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Producing close to 4 million pots per year with a range of over 900 varieties, our 1 litre range is the ideal package for all retail outlets, big or small. Purchased at a very competitive wholesale price, profit margins can be maintained at a high level all year round.

We have a low minimum order of 35 trays - that's 10 pots per variety per tray, (350 pots per trolley)

Delivery throughout England, Scotland and Wales is included in our price.

  • All plants are grown and shipped in 1 Litre grey square-round pots and come with our distinctive and well known, full colour picture labels.

  • Pre-Pricing and barcoding is available on all our products at no extra cost

  • All orders are delivered by our own transport or an approved haulier.

  • Weekly availability lists and a bespoke Webshop ordering system mean you always know exactly what we can offer you.

  • An excellent selection of varieties are offered right throughout the year.  

1 Litre Range

3 Litre Range

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Our 3 litre range is designed and grown to complement the already strong 1 litre range. Ideal for promotional offers and filling out bed ends, this range offers our best selected varieties, and as a much bigger, more established plant, our 3 litre range gives you the opportunity to add instant impact to your displays. 

  • All plants are grown and shipped in 3 litre grey round pots and come with freshly designed, full colour picture labels to complement the size of the plant.

  • Pre-pricing and bar coding are available throughout the whole range at no extra cost.

  • All pots are packed 3 to a tray, allowing them to fit on a trolley with 21 pots per shelf. Also giving customers the option to mix both the 1 and 3 litre varieties on each delivery.

  • Our minimum order for a delivery of 3 litres on there own is 28 trays, (84 pots / 1 trolley)

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Production On Site 

During 2015 we invested in a new production facility allowing us to increase our own in-house production of seed and cutting raised plants to over 3.5 million every year, significantly reducing our dependency on young plant suppliers.

Strengthening this step in the supply chain gives increased flexibility, security and a much healthier, stronger perennial plant. With significant investment into this facility, and with the ever changing markets as a result of the Brexit vote, we have been able to stay far more competitive than other suppliers in the industry, meaning prices have remained as low as possible, allowing for retailers of our products to get the highest margins possible.

Learn all about our in-house production here

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