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pre-pricing & packaging

pre-pricing & bar-coding

We offer pre-pricing on all of our products at no extra cost. We have a wide range of "add on" price labels that slot into the lock-in points of the pot along with the plant picture label. 

For customers using EPOS systems, all of our bespoke picture labels have product specific bar-codes on the backs of them allowing you to define specific products on your records. We have Excel documents with all of our barcodes on that we can send out on request.


Labels 1.png


After more than 30 years, we have made the decision to stop using our correx trays. We have thought long and hard about making this change over the last few years after more and more customers wanted to use a more generic plastic tray for their 1 litre product. Our new grey trays are much easier to handle here on the nursery and for our customers, they also keep each individual plant better contained and we believe are much more appealing for the vast majority of our customers.

1 litre- 10 cell grey


3 litre- 3 cell grey

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