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Another 42 varieties added to the range for 2022

We have currently added a further 42 varieties to our range for the 2022 season with the ambition of bringing some brand new and also tried and tested varieties to the market for the next season. A list of which can be found below or in our 2022 supplement

All of the varieties listed have been trialed here on site over the coarse of this year and we believe there are some fantastic additions to an already strong A-Z list of over 900 varieties. During next year, we will continue to trial some new varieties with the intention of either adding these into the range part-way through 2022 or for the 2023 season, depending on availability of stock.

1 Litre Varieties:

Astilbe Astary Rose

Astilbe Astary White

Carlina acaulis ssp. caulescens

Commelinia dianthifolia

Echium amoenum 'Red Feathers'

Eriogonum allenii 'Little Rascal'

Leucanthemum Madonna

Lilium formosanum Pricei

Physochlaina orientalis

Phyteuma scheuchzeri

Scutellaria resinosa 'Smokey Hills'

Scutellarian suffrutescens 'Cherry Skullcap'

3 Litre Varieties

Agastache Little Adder

Achillea Milly Rock Red

Achillea Milly Rock Rose

Achillea Milly Rock Terracotta

Antirrhinum Dazzling Lips Red

Antirrhinum Dazzling Lips Yellow

Coreopsis Sizzle & Spice Crazy Cayenne

Coreopsis Sizzle & Spice Zesty Zinger

Dianthus Baby Doris

Erodium pelar. Spanish Eyes

Euphorbia 'Bonfire'

Gaillardia Spintop Red

Gaura Belleza White

Helenium Salud Embers

Leucanthemum Spellbook Lumos

Lilium formosanum Pricei

Lupinus Lupini Blue

Lupinus Lupini Yellow

Lupinus Lupini Pink

Lupinus Lupini Red

Nepeta Kitten Around

Physostegia Autumn Carnival

Prunella Summer Daze

Ranunculus mixed

Rhodanthemum Zagora Orange

Rudbeckia Summerdaiys Double Apricot

Salvia Rose Marvel

Sedum Dark Magic

Sedum Desert Black

Silene Rollies Favourite

Digitalis Arctic Fox Rose

'Astilbe Astary Rose' Featured below

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