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Bespoke app installed to aid picking and stock control

We've recently had additional software installed on the nursery to streamline the current order picking and webshop stock control. This has come in the form of an app that is operated through a series of new tablets and barcode scanners.

Over the course of the last few years we have installed a bespoke ERP system which now manages everything to do with the day-to-day running of the business. As an addition to this, last year we added the webshop ordering system which has allowed customers to view live stock, pictures and place orders online using a much quicker and efficient ordering system compared to the old Excel availability lists that we sent out.

The new app now allows us to do our weekly field walk where we take stock of everything new for the week ahead and add it directly to the webshop, along with stock inventory levels and pictures at the click of a button. Previously this has been done using spreadsheets and hasn't been formatted correctly to allow us to process the information quickly when we need it at peak season.

With the new app running with all of our barcodes, we have already discussed how new areas can be developed to assist with further areas of stock control, spraying programmes and potting lines.

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