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Welcome to Chapel Cottage Plants...

Over the last 30 years we have established ourselves as one of the largest and most well known perennial growers in the UK. Starting from a small 1 acre site back in 1989, we now have over 40 acres of land under production. 

At Chapel Cottage Plants, we have always believed in producing the highest quality perennials for our customers, no matter what their size. Our customers and the products we supply are always our main priority and building on this mentality has allowed us to build up our large customer portfolio of over 1500 independent garden centre's along with a number of the UK's larger garden retail chains and multiple stores.

The last 30 years have seen vast changes in the horticultural industry. These changes have seen us develop and adapt with customers needs to become one of the most efficient and versatile perennial producers in the country. Adopting new and advanced growing, production and transport technology has allowed us to develop an ever increasing presence in the garden retail environment due to the high standard of our products and the unbeatable prices that we can offer them at. 

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