Chapel Cottage Plants specialise in British-grown perennials of outstanding quality
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Ann, David and Nicholas Green of British perennial growers Chapel Cottage Plants

Once again I hope you find, from our large number of varieties, a very interesting choice of plants to stock throughout the year.

Last year saw our company celebrate 25 years of trading. The year started off very strongly with orders being received as early as the second week of January, and as growers of 3.5 million 1 and 3 litre perennials we were able to supply the early demand. Sales continued through late spring and summer and held up well. Multi-buys are proving to be a very popular selling point and are now being promoted by a wide range of customers on both the 1 litre and 3 litre varieties.

The 3-Litre range has been very successful and we have added more varieties to it throughout the year. Customers who have traded with this line for the first time mention the convenience of the 3 cell tray for both handling and transporting. We also had a very good range of these 3 litre plants early in the season which gave additional choices to customers.

Please remember we have high levels of stock 12 months of the year so whatever area of retail you are buying for we may well have the plants you require.

I hope you can find all the information you necessitate regarding the company and the varieties we offer but if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


David Green


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