book your slot at our open nursery month 

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is very hard for us to be plan ahead and get out seeing customers at the moment. Visitor policies change form outlet to outlet and isn't currently safe for our representatives to be moving between multiple garden centres all day as this is the perfect way to transmit the virus.

We are inviting you to book a site visit with us anytime throughout November. Come and see how we do things here and view the crops that are destined for your stores throughout 2021.​ We are lucky to have a large site that is spread across over 30 acres so we can safely offer social distancing outside on site and also in our meeting room.

We have limited this to booking only. Only 1 garden centre at a time will ever be on site for your allotted time slot. Groups must be no larger than 6 people due to government guidelines

(If there are any changes to Covid-19 government restrictions, then there could be the need to cancel and re-schedule at short notice)